Florida Fire is a free-to-join, free-to-play, inclusive, club basketball team for kids aged 17 and under.

We invite players of of all heritage, religion, nationality, gender, and socioeconomic status to come play basketball in a safe and happy setting.

Our goal at the Florida Fire is to have positive impact on as many lives as we can through the game of basketball. We do not teach only offense and defense. We teach a state of mind and how to not only be a great athlete but a great teammate. Our core values of integrity, hard work and passion will take our athletes much further than just the hardwood.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Hard Work
  • Passion

Business Model

Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Donation Allocation

  • uniforms
  • warm up gear (jump ropes, balance trainers)
  • court rental
  • game balls
  • tournament fees
  • hydration
  • lunches
  • travel for competitions
  • lodging for competitions

Tax Documents

  • 2021 (needs link)
  • 2022 (needs link)

Board of Directors

  • Richard Lataille – Club Director
  • Caley McDaniel – Secretary
  • Dustin Johnson – Treasurer
  • Brian Kozlowski – Board Member
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