Is this club free to join / practice?

Yes. So long as we have sponsors for the AAU membership (practice insurance), otherwise, the AAU yearly membership for practice insurance is $16.

How can I verify my child’s age and grade for this club (required)?


My child just joined this club, what should I do?

Get an AAU membership on https://aauboysbasketball.org >>

Select “Youth Membership” >>

Purchase the $16 extended coverage yearly membership for practice insurance (or request sponsorship) >>

Add the club code: W346FE

What is the AUU Club Code for this club?


How do I reassign my existing AAU membership to this club?

Go to, https://aauboysbasketball.org >>

Click on “Member Login” in the upper righthand corner of the page >>


Enter in your personal information. (First Name, Last Name, Zip Code & Birth Date) >>

Click on “Lookup & Display your membership card” after you have filled in your information. >>

If it is blank where it says, “Club Code” Enter “W346FE” into the blank field.

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